Welsh Rebel Meets Chris Cobalt

Welsh Rebel was laying on the bed very scantily clad in her school uniform and when Chris arrived it didnt take long for her to seduce him and get him on the bed with her and he was soon sucking hard on her nipples before she had him stripped off and released his massive cock and started sucking on it before taking off her knickers off. Chris lay back on the bed his erect cock pointing skyward so she climbed aboard and started to ride him cowgirl bouncing up and down hard and fast on his stiff cock before changing positions and bending over so he could fuck her Doggy fashion bringing her to Orgasm several times before she turned round and sucked all her sweet pussy juices off of his stiff cock swallowing it deep down her throat before she once again climbed aboard and rode him Cowgirl, reaching several more orgasms before laying on her back with her legs wide apart so he could give her a real good fucking while she rubbed her clit with her finger, she could feel he was ready to cum so demanded he cum in her mouth so she sucked him hard until he shot his full load deep in her willing mouth.

The Dirty Doctor

published: 23/12/2017

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